Loom’s Impact

Some words from our artists…

Since being supported and represented by Loom, I have gained confidence in advocating for myself and been validated as an artist, not just an artist living with a disability. Loom has supported me to pursue opportunities I would not have otherwise been able to seek and secure, through support sessions to discuss my artistic goals and strengths, grant applications, introductions to organisations and advocacy on my behalf. 

Funding Loom Arts and Management is an important step toward greater representation of artists with a disability in the creative sector in Victoria. This is vital for greater inclusion of all abilities and the diversity of the arts sector and our society as a whole.

This incredible organisation called Loom makes it happen. From support, mentoring, to amazing opportunities. They have allowed me to dream the dream and have made me feel like a respected, valued and real artist.  

Loom Arts and Management – I haven’t been with them for long but so far, as an actor with a learning disability, I am stepping in the right direction. The people are so incredible. They let me explore my talents, they are so patient and understanding. That makes myself even more driven as an actor.

Working with Loom has been an amazing experience. Loom has helped me achieve my goals and dreams. They are very supportive with all my needs and I appreciate everything they do for me. All the team at Loom are truly fantastic.

I have a happy and healthy relationship with Loom. It is based on mutual trust. I am proud of the outcomes we have achieved together, selling the t-shirts online, lending the wallaby sculptures to Loom and the 9m x 1.5m light box on the side of the School House Studios.

Some words from our artists’ supporters…

Thank you so much for all your support, opportunities and ongoing mentoring support of Nic. The incredible humans you are to continue to enthusiastically seek out the best for your artists and the impact you have on the well being and growth of our daughter is priceless. You have developed an organization built on respect and we will be forever grateful. Thank you.

Evelyn Tsourlenes.