Alex Rees

Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Visual Artist
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Location: Regional Vic
  • Commissions: Yes


Alex Rees is an abstract painter with disability based in Warrnambool, Victoria. He is renowned for his bold use of colour and geometric shapes.

Alex has been painting for over fifteen years and has had solo exhibitions across regional Victoria. 

Alex likes to get up at 4am every morning to work. He likes to spend this time drawing and experimenting with new ideas, and feels like creating work is “his time”. 

Alex donates the majority of money received from sale of his paintings to sponsor a deaf girl to get an education and pays for stationary for the school. Through the success of his career, Alex has single-handedly funded the education of a girl from this community. He intends to continue to share his good fortune as his career as an artist progresses.

Assorted works by Alex Rees