Kimberly Oakley

Drawing, Painting, Visual Artist
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Location: Regional Vic
  • Commissions: Yes


Kimberly Oakley is a supreme visual artist with disability based in Seymour, Victoria. Kimberly’s work features dragons with lots of colour, movement and endless varieties of shapes. Each dragon Kimberly creates has a unique name and personality.

For Kimberly creating these dragons is a way of celebrating the “wild freedom” she finds in her disability and being neurodivergent. Like her dragons, Kimberly possesses a colourful fire and passion and this is expressed through her artwork.

When Kimberly isn’t creating artwork, she helps to care for rescue wildlife near her home in Seymour. She hopes to use her artwork to raise awareness about animal welfare and to save all the endangered animals.