Susan Meadows

Drawing, Painting, Visual Artist
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Location: Regional Vic
  • Commissions: Yes


Susan Meadows is a visual artist with disability based in Seymour, Victoria. She is a strong, independent woman who has been a practicing artist for over ten years across regional Victoria.

Susan likes to paint with lots of colours. Her paintings often feature Australian animals, aliens, UFOs, elephants, dots and movie and TV show references like “Home and Away” and “Jake and the Fat Man” featuring the very handsome man Joe Penny.

When she’s not busy painting, Susan makes colourful, patchwork knits for rugs, coats, bags and phone cases.

Susan likes to paint because she can take what’s inside her head and make it into art. She likes to use colours because it makes her happy, particularly, black and red (her favourite football colours), dark blue, and sometimes pink, too. Doing art has helped Susan to make a lot of friends.

Susan would like to see her artwork on mugs, t-shirts, water bottles and to sell her work at markets and in shops.