MUSIC VICTORIA – Arts Access Victoria Amplify Award nominations!

Not one, but two of our Loom artists have been nominated for a Music Victoria award!

Our extremely talented artists Artemis Munoz & Jeremy Hopkins, have both been nominated for the Arts Access Victoria Amplify Award 2023 and we couldn’t be prouder!

Artemis Munoz

Artemis is a multidisciplinary artist primarily known for their work in independent theatre and cabaret.
Artemis’ writing and shows have featured at La Mama Theatre, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Midsumma Festival and Emerging Writers Festival. Artemis holds a Masters in Theatre (Writing) from VCA, and a BA (Acting) from Federation University.

Read more about Artemis here.

The image shows Artemis standing on a stage, dressed in a green dinosaur onesie. Artemis has short hair and is making an expressive gesture with their hands and face. Surrounding Artemis are many cardboard boxes. Two of the boxes in the foreground are labelled; one says "Boy" and the other says "Girl". The background of the image is dark, and the lighting focusses on Artemis and the boxes.

Jeremy Hopkins

Jeremy AKA “Jimmy from Thornbury” is a singer, drummer, composer, lyricist, voice-over artist, actor and musical director.
Based in Melbourne, Jeremy has worked across the Australian arts landscape, including contemporary music, circus, cabaret and the voice-over sector. He is a wordsmith, a comic, a crooner, a beautiful ensemble player, and a deeply creative composer.

You can find out more about Jeremy and his work here.

The image is a black and white photograph of Jeremy. Jeremy has a beard, short hair and is wearing a denim shirt. Jeremy is positioned sideways, facing a microphone that is suspended in front of him. Jeremy appears to be singing or speaking passionately into the microphone, with his mouth wide open and his hands raised expressively. The background is white.